Tabitha Yim

2002 Balance Beam National Champion, All-Around Runner-Up

2001 World Championships Bronze Medallist

2001 Floor Exercise National Champion, All-Around Runner-Up

Hometown: Irvine, Calif.

Residence: Irvine, Calif.

Date/Place of Birth: Nov. 2, 1985/Los Angeles, Calif.

Club: Charter Oaks Gliders

Coach: Steve and Beth Rybacki

School: Northwood High School

Year in School: 12th (Fall '02)

Began Gymnastics: 1989

Favorite Event: Floor Exercise

Years on National Team: 4 (1999-00, 2000-01, 2001-02, 2002-03)

Personal Info

Yim is the 2001 floor exercise national champion and was the runner-up in the all-around.

She helped the U.S. team to a bronze medal at the 2001 World Gymnastics Championships.

She is the daughter of Inja Yim and has one older brother, Jonathan. Her favorite subject in

school is English and she would like to become a sports psychologist. Yim is a competitive

ice skater as well as a gymnast. She trains in the morning for ice skating and in the afternoon

for gymnastics. Yim likes to collect Precious Moments statues, surf the net and play with her

dogs. She recently met her goal of making the 2001 World Championships team.

International Competition

• 2003 Pacific Challenge (USA/CAN/AUS), Fullerton, CA; 1st –Team, 4th –AA

• 2002 USA-Belgium Dual Meet, Houston, Texas; 1st –Team, 1st- BB, 2nd -UB

• 2002 Visa American Cup, Orlando, Fla.; 5th-AA, 1st –FX, 2nd -V

• 2001 World Gymnastics Championships, Ghent, Belgium; 3rd-Team, 7th-AA, 6th-FX

• 2001 Senior Pan American Championships, Cancun, Mexico; 1st-Team, 3rd-AA, 1st-BB, 7th-FX

• 2001 USA-Belgium Dual Meet, Houston, Texas; 2nd-AA

• 1999 USA-Canada Dual Meet, Quebec, Canada; 2nd-team, 6th-AA

• 1999 USA-France Dual Meet, Norman, Okla.; 1st-team

National Competition

• 2003 American Classic, Boston, MA; 1st –AA, 2nd –V, 3rd –BB, 2nd -FX

• 2003 National Elite Podium Meet, Fairfax, VA; 4th –AA, 2nd –V, 2nd –BB

• 2002 U.S. Gymnastics Championships, Cleveland, Ohio; 2nd-AA, 1st-BB, 2nd-FX

• 2001 U.S. Gymnastics Championships, Philadelphia, Pa.; 2nd-AA, 9th-V (tie), 2nd-UB, 6th-BB (tie),


• 2001 U.S. Classic, Pomona, Calif.; 2nd-AA, 1st-BB, 2nd-FX, 2nd-UB

• 2000 John Hancock U.S. Championships, St. Louis, Mo.; 3rd-AA, 1st-FX (jr.)

USA Gymnastics, 317-237-5050 Updated: 03/26/03

• 2000 American Classic, Reno, Nev.; 1st-AA, 1st-FX, 1st-BB, 5th-UB

• 1999 John Hancock U.S. Championships, Sacramento, Calif.; 2nd-AA, 2nd-BB, 2nd-FX, 9th-UB (jr.)

• 1999 American Classic, Pomona, Calif.; 7th-AA, 1st-FX

• 1998 U.S. Gymnastics Championships, Indianapolis, Ind.; 22nd-AA (jr.)

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