Glider's Team Highlights




Former Glider Team members that have received College Scholarships

Charlie Owens - Cal Berkeley  Desiree Palomares - Cal Berkeley  Aimee Walker Pond - BYU   Jennie Fletcher - CS Fullerton   Kim (Runciman) Manzo - CS Fullerton Brittany Pitullo - UC Berkeley   Lynette (Tanaka) Reina - UC Davis   Kelsi (Kear) McKenzie - UC Davis   Jamie Dantzscher - UCLA   Jalynne Dantzscher - UCLA   Janelle Dantzscher - UCLA  Ashley Jenkins - UCLA   Margie Hoeffler Nelson - UC Santa Barbara   Sachi Ena - University of Denver Hidemi Ena - University of Denver   Kiara (Redmon) Montalbano - University of Oklahoma   Jeanine Ruby - Oregon State   Gina Moody - Seattle Pacific   Tabitha Yim - Stanford   Allyse Ishino - Stanford Rachel Tidd-Scarbrough - University of Utah  Carissa Tudor - University of Utah   Jessica Parenti-Otte - Utah State   Anna (Mitescu) Plourde - Yale University   Celeste Delia - CS Fullerton  Henry Green - Iowa state University   Thomi Wallace - San Jose state University   Hailey Johnson - Iowa state University  Lauren Navarro - Stanford






Glider USA National Team Members

Denise Fierro 1989 - 1993


Jamie Dantzscher  1994 - 2000

2000 Olympic Games Bronze Medalist

1999 World Championship Team

Tabitha Yim  1999 - 2004

2001 World Championships Bronze Medalist

2004 Olympic Trails 4th place

Allyse Ishino 2001 - 2004

2004 Pacific Alliance Gold AA Medalist

2004 Olympic Team Alternate





















Ashley Jenkins 2003 - 2004

Vanessa Atler  1994 - 2000

1998 Goodwill Games Gold Medalist

1999 World Championship Team


Rachel Tidd  2000 - 2002

2001 World Championship Team

Lauren Navarro 2016

2016 Pan American Games Squad


Gliders 2002/2003





Allyse & Chalsea Memmel shopping

Allyse talking on the phone with President Bush

Athens Olympic village

Stephen A. Rybacki @ elite meet

Jenkins, Sacramone & Comforte in France

Lauren, Maggie & Smone Biles



USA Brings Home 44 Medals From Pacific Alliance
Gymnastics Championships

HONOLULU - Team USA closed out the 2004 Pacific Alliance Gymnastics Championships presented by Outrigger Hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii on Saturday, winning 44 medals during the three-day competition.


US Team Wins Bronze at 2001 World Championships
The head coach of the U.S. women's team, Stephen Rybacki is the director and head coach of the Charter Oak gymnastics team "Gliders".

A member of the Bronze winning US team, Glider team member Tabitha Yim trains at Charter Oak Gymnastics Inc. a national team training center.

Tabitha Yim is now ranked the 7th best all around gymnast in the World!

Due to traveling security risks in the wake of the events of September 11th, the U.S. Gymnastic teams were the only Olympic sport teams traveling overseas for World championship competitions.


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International Meet Assignments Accepted by Tabitha Yim

 Tabitha helps the US team take the gold medal in the Pacific Challenge held in Fullerton Ca. 

 Tabitha takes first place AA at the 2003 American Classic in Boston MA. 

 The World Championships for gymnastics hosting more than 500 athletes from around the world held in Gent, Belgium on October 27th to November 4th 2001

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2002 US Elite National Championships

Tabitha Yim ranks 2nd in the country.

Tabitha is the new US Balance Beam Champion!

Jamie Dantzscher on 2000 Olympic Team!

Congratulations to Jamie Dantzscher who was a member of the 2000 Olympic Team!

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